Team Madness is a North American based in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario Canada.

Founded in 2013, Team Madness has been known within the local gaming community and has begone it's growth into the Global eSports market beginning in the 2018 season.

Moving into eSports titles including Gears of War / Call of Duty / Rainbow Six Siege / Hearthstone & more, Madness is confident our teams and players will achieve recognition of the highest standard in fields all across the industry.

Building the finest standard of quality is the goal here with all of the staff at Team Madness, we aim to make all players and member feel like they've found a place to grow and build alongside likeminded individuals in their field.

Thank you for your continued support, all of you who support Team Madness every single day help us make this brand and organization the family that it is.


- Team Madness Staff