PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The official PUBG Team for Team Madness.

  • Misery

    Josh Skrobel

    PUBG competitive player for Team Madness. I like to frag out and rage also. Kappa...Read More

  • PublicCub

    Nicholas Heath

    Hello Reader, I'm on the competitive PUBG Team for Team Madness, I started competing back in January on my college team. After, I decided to join the "Gym" and that's where I met my teammates Camberghini and Misery, after some questionable team captains we all decided to move onto Team Madness where I met TheSyn and Sho. ...Read More

  • Camberghini

    Sam Currie

    PUBG player for Team Madness :)...Read More

  • TheSyn

    Halston Behringer

    PUBG competitive player, father of two bulldogs, and the voice of reckoning while in team meetings. Competing in various LAN/ Online events from HALO 2+ and COD2+. Strategy and improving not only myself, but also the team is what brings TheSyn (The Synergy) to the game I play. ...Read More

  • Sho

    Roman Hutchison

    ...Read More


  • Position
  • 4th
    GLL Season 2 NA Qualifer
    12 May 2018