The official Smite team of Team Madness.

  • ShuterMage

    Seth Shuter

    My name is Seth 'ShuterMage' Shuter and I'm a 19 year old gamer from Indiana, United States. On top of streaming, I also work as the Assistant Director at the Zionsville Performing Arts Center. With that being said, I have a love for musicals, live music and just about ANYTHING theater....Read More

  • deathpenalty52

    Matthew Dell'Aringa

    My name is Matthew "DeathPenalty52" Dell'Aringa! I am from Las Vegas, Nevada, and have been here my whole life. I am an active college student who is studying Computer Science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I am an avid gamer and now am a member of the Team Madness Smite team as the Smite Team Manager!...Read More

  • KaiiGuy

    Kyle Bermudez

    Hey dudes my name is Kyle and I play support for team Madness because I like playing a beefy boi in video games :D...Read More

  • lowkeygambit

    Connor Fancy

    Solo laner for team madness....Read More

  • unscathedmaster

    ...Read More