The official Team Madness Stream Team members.

  • versio

    Mikke Nilsson

    Stream Manager! A crazy Swedish dude who streams Star Wars and Smite. Always have crazy ideas and like to be social.Expect some bad puns ;) ...Read More

  • MirandaPings


    I'm a variety streamer on twitch who also plays a lot of paladins! I love hanging out and chatting with my amazing viewers!...Read More

  • skynyx10

    Skylar Brooks

    Hi, I am a league of legends addict (Diamond 4 mid/support in season 7) but I also stream Overwatch, IRL, and whatever other indie game catches my eyes. I'm an animal lover, vegetarian, bookworm, and overall nerd. I love meeting new people and always do viewer/sub games and interact as much as possible with my community. My fave champions are Lulu, Velkoz, Brand, Ahri & Lux!...Read More

  • fpsweston

    Ben Weston

    Hey! I'm FPSWeston. I'm a PC Gamer with a love for Third and First Person Shooters, survival shooters and occasionally there's side order of variety. ...Read More

  • xanttustream

    Alexander S

    Yo! I am an highly energetic and competitive Fortnite streamer with the occasional Overwatch stream. During my streams you can expect many Victory Royales in solos, duos and squads! Make sure to drop by some time! ...Read More